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by Jen Stanbro

Released 2017
Released 2017
A unique two-song single, where song one is a stirring call to action and song two, a prayer from a mama's heart. Song one has funk/blues vibes and song two is a gentle, ukulele-style lullaby. Hoping both songs resonate with their respective audiences.
"Used," started as a journal entry. A cry from a restless Christian heart that was being lovingly challenged by God to do more than the status quo, to take big risks, choose the hard things, get out of the boat, and be awed to my core by the mountain-moving Savior and Lover of the world. The song was written in 2013, and as we recorded it in 2017, my life reflected the huge shift that the song's message refers to. After that song, everything changed. I will never be the same again, praise the Lord!

The "Lullaby" was a simple prayer and melody that I wrote when I was expecting my first baby. I sung it to her while her precious little life grew in my womb and I've sung to her and every one of our littles every day since. It's not a prayer prayed lightly. I sing over these lives with words inspired by THE WORD and I trust in faith that God is moving through every line, with eternal results. I'm thankful to share it and pray that many parents sing it with me over their own loves, and that the children whose lives are sung over with this prayer will thrive in an amazing relationship with Abba, with Jesus, and with Holy Spirit, growing to love the world Christ died for, and change it for the better.

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